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“Like daughter, like Father”

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Introducing the Daughter and Father duo of Regina Spangle and Rick Spangle.

The pic above is Rick and Regina at her brother Ryan’s Wedding in 2014.

Rick is currently finishing up a fairly energetic stint of relaxation, researching the hemp business and the entertainment business while in the Minneapolis area, after spending most of his life in Texas and Oklahoma.

He has spent the last 5 years traveling and expanding his consciousness at the loving hands of his daughter, Regina, the love of his life.

Over the last 5 years, he has spent 2 winters in Minnesota, one of which was the 3rd worst WINTER in recorded history.  He has spent extended time in Minnesota, Oregon, Oklahoma, Kansas and has traveled in excess of 100,000 road miles in his old gold Mercedes Diesel.


Update on his books.

Rick is writing 4 books which will soon be available for download from this page.

The first book now available is the 180 page Outline and first draft of “Flowers in the Killing Fields-1”.

It is about the Vietnam war tours of Rick Spangle and several other young Americans that got caught up on the COVERT side of the war and were not allowed to speak about what they did during the war for 25 years after discharge. Rick’s personal 25 year debriefing agreement ended in 1995.

Rick’s tour only covers 60 pages and the first 30 pages are rather boring but provide a lot of necessary background information. The final 30 pages are pretty gripping with several humorous events.

Here is the link to the 180 page outline and first draft.


The next installment coming to this website will be the “Outline and First Draft of Flowers in the Killing Fields-2”.

At the present time we are looking for a literary agent AND a publisher complete with a proposed budget to publish and market a series of books. We have 5 to 7 works in progress that are in the outline and first draft phase.  Most of these are 50% to 90% complete.  All but one of these books is non fiction.

The fiction work in the series is by Rick Spangle and Paul Reed, another Vietnam vet, based upon Paul’s book entitled “Kontum Diary”, published in 1995.  Part of the book was made into a PBS documentary that won the Northwest Regional Emmy for Best Documentary of 1996.

The working title of the fiction work is “When Flowers Bloom in the Killing Fields”. It is about Paul’s tour in Vietnam and then his 25 year struggle with PTSD, road rage, anger issues and love issues that did not BEGIN to be resolved until Paul made contact with the North Vietnamese soldier, Mr. Nghia, that he almost killed in hand to hand combat during a fierce battle in 1968.

In 1995 Paul raised enough money to make a trip to Hanoi North Vietnam to meet Mr. Nghia and his entire family.  When Paul got to North Vietnam, he found out that Mr. Nghia was 90% blind from the wounds that Paul gave him that day in 1968.  They became great friends and several years later, Paul paid Mr. Nghia’s way to come to the US and have eye surgery to HELP correct his vision.  It was only mildly successful.

When Paul first met Mr. Nghia, Paul found out that after the battle, Mr. Nghia spent 3 weeks in a tunnel dugout hospital and then spent 2 years WALKING back UP the Ho Chi Minh Trail to North Vietnam to get back with his wife and children.

The fiction work incorporates the story of Mr. Nghia’s WALK back up the Ho Chi Minh Trail dodging tigers and begging for food from local villagers.  It also focuses on Paul returning Mr. Nghia’s personal DIARY that Paul captured from Mr. Nghia during the battle.  It had poems written in it to Mr. Nghia’s wife.  All of this comes from the non fiction part of the story.  The fiction part of the story is about THE DIARY and it’s message to Paul, which carries a high spiritual moral to the story.

It is a rather gripping tale, and it is one of the real “FEEL GOOD” stories coming out of the death and destruction of the Vietnam War.

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If you are interested in representing us in locating a publisher or in publishing all or some of the works, please contact Rick Spangle at 214 264 0575 or

RickieSpangle @yahoo.com

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Rick Spangle


The second work in this series is now posted on this page, the working title is:

“The outline and First Draft of Flowers in the Killing Fields-2” (241 pages).

The table of contents will be posted shortly.



More info to come.